This website is my personal resume website. None of the projects mentioned on my website belong to me personally. I have either worked as the Development Team Lead or developed these projects myself while working as (Senior/Principal) Software Engineer in respective software development organizations. All rights are reserved with their owners.

My website does not collect any personal information except that your browser may store some small pieces of information about this website on your computer in the form of cookies. I don't think anybody should be worried about these standard cookies. The Contact form only sends me an email containing your information that I DO NOT disclose to anybody or use for anything other than communicating back to you.

Rest assured that I have not included even a single project in my resume (this website) that I have not worked on. In fact, there are many other websites and web applications on which I have worked briefly but I have not mentioned them here on my (resume) website because their credits go to their full-time developer(s).

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